December 23, 2020

Dear St. James Parishioners:

During this time of the pandemic, we find ourselves thinking about what this pandemic has done to us. Looking back, we were forced into all kinds of situations that were alien to us. In most cases we survived.

This Christmas we have an opportunity to relive the story of hope in the birth of Jesus, the promised

Messiah. The cards we send, the phone calls we make, the gifts that we send, all send the same messages the celebration that we share in our faith.

May this Christmas bring you the fullness of blessings from the Father and may you know the experience
of the Blessed Mother who kept all these things in her heart.
Merry Christmas to you all and God’s blessings in the New Year.

Sincerely Yours In Christ,

Fr. Louis M. Lenssen C.R.S.P.

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