From the Pastor’s Desk

          Today is also the birthday of the Church. This Sunday is a commemoration and celebration of the receiving of the Holy Spirit by the early church. The Church is basically that community and complex of communities spread all over the world which is continuing the visible presence of God and his work by living openly in the Spirit of Jesus and offering its experience of knowing Christ to the world. We celebrate this day to recognize the gift of the Holy Spirit, realizing that God’s very life, breath, and energy lives in believers.

          The celebration reminds us of the reality that we are all having the unifying Spirit that was poured out upon the first disciples. It tells us that the same Spirit is given to each one of us, that we are all baptized by one Spirit into one body, and that the Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead will raise us too. We are given a graphic picture of Pentecost with the tongues of fire and the multi-lingual discourses. The Gospel reminds us that Jesus came to the disciples and gave them the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that the Spirit was hovering over the universe even before the creation. In reality, none of them contradict. They are one and the same reality and the actual space and time is not important for us to understand the working of the Spirit.

We need to permit the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives:
1) by constantly remembering His holy presence and behaving well;
2) by praying for His daily anointing so that we may fight against our temptations and control our evil tendencies, evil habits and addictions;
3) by asking His daily assistance to pray, listening to God through meditative Bible reading, and talking to Him by personal, family and liturgical prayers; and
4) by asking the help of the Holy Spirit to do good for others and to be reconciled with God and others every day.

          Today’s feast indicates that it is an ongoing reality, which still touches our lives every single day. This week, let us reflect upon the purpose of the Holy Spirit in the Church. He can guide and teach us according to the purpose that He has been sent by the Lord God.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Ahilan, C.R.S.P.

COVID Vaccines
The official position of the Catholic Church is that all available COVID vaccines are ethical and all Catholics who are able are encouraged to receive the vaccine. All employees serving in the Diocese of Hamilton are encouraged to be fully vaccinated or to submit to a COVID rapid test every Monday and Thursday in order to carry out their responsibilities. Volunteer liturgical ministers are required to be fully vaccinated. Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI, encourages every member of the Catholic Church within our Diocese of Hamilton to be fully vaccinated.