Altar Society

Contact information:  Ana Snjaric

Leader:  Fatima Azevedo

Members:  The Altar Society is a group of friendly, dedicated men and women who share a special bond in their commitment to preparing the church throughout the year.

Purpose of organization:  The primary focus of our Altar Society is loving concern for the worship environment. Regular (weekly) cleaning and general upkeep of the Sanctuary, Chapel, Sacristy, Crying Room and Nave areas, requires a large number of able bodies to share the load during the year.

Members of the Altar Society are charged with:
* housekeeping – by preparing the Sanctuary, Chapel, Sacristy, Crying Room and Nave for worship services.
* linens care – by making regular inspections of the altar linens, vestments, worship banners, and other sanctuary furnishings.
* needlework – by maintaining the altar linens, vestments and other sanctuary furnishings.
Altar Society members will fill, replenish, polish, clean, wash, vacuum, dust, iron, and sew, each according to his or her gifts.

Meeting Time and Place:  Presently teams come to the church on Wednesdays or Thursdays for “housekeeping duties”.

Invitation to new members:  The Altar society is charged with three main areas – housekeeping, linens care and needlework. Separate teams may accept responsibility for each area.

Other:  Participation in the Altar Society requires no special talent or experience – only a dedication of one’s heart and hands to working behind the scenes in service to God and to our worshiping community.

Personal Testament: To me, this is such a rewarding ministry. It’s worth every minute of my time. If only people knew how rewarding it is, I think more people would be involved. (F.A.)