Ministry of the Word

Key Contact: Carole Anne Ball

Contact information: Carole Anne 905-827-4063   email:

: Carole Anne Ball, Scheduler for Lectors and Commentators


Purpose of organization: Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass;
Commentators lead the Prayer of the Faithful

Meeting Time and Place: arranged with Scheduler or Parish Office
In-depth training will be given to each new Proclaimer, as well as mentoring throughout the year.

Invitation to new members: The duty of Lectors at St. James Parish is to proclaim the Word of the Lord at each Mass. To be a Lector is not just being able to read. A Lector gives voice to God’s Word, opening the Scriptures in a meaningful, prayerful and spiritual way.
A good Lector has the ability to deliver the message of the Word in such a manner that the congregation listens with prayerful interest, gaining an understanding of the intent of the author from texts in both the Old and New Testament. The Commentator makes announcements regarding upcoming Parish events in a friendly manner and leads the congregation in the Prayer of the Faithful.

Other: Proclaimers of the Word are encouraged to develop a life-long habit of turning to the Scriptures for study and prayer.
There is always a need for new Lectors and Commentators. Volunteers should contact the Parish Office. The Office Administrator will contact the Scheduler and appointments will be set by the Scheduler for training in voice projection and microphone use.