The Legion of Mary

Key Contact: Nathalie Ah-Yuen

Contact information:

Members: Orlando J. Lameda, Nathalie Ah-Yuen, Andre Ah-Yuen, Josefina Camino, Delia AmisolaLeader: Orlando J. Lameda

Purpose of organization: Members become instruments of the Holy Spirit through a balanced program of prayer and service. Works include door-to-door evangelization, parishioner visitation, visitation of the sick or aged, crowd contact, religious education, visiting the newly baptized, Pilgrim Virgin Statue rotations, and meeting the other spiritual needs of the parish community. Legionaries are under the guidance of a spiritual director named by the pastor. The Legion is, in essence, an extension of the heart and hands of the pastor.
Meeting Time and Place:
The Legion of Mary meets on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:30 am in the Chapel, and plans visits as needed.
Invitation to new members: We welcome new members to join us in prayer, devotion and apostolic works. Auxiliary members support active legionaries through their prayers. Auxiliary membership consists of those who are unable or unwilling to assume the duties of active membership, but who associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name.

door to door

Parishioners who wish to be visited at their home by the Pilgrim Virgin Statue may request so through the Parish Office. Parishioners with family members who reside in long-term care facilities in Oakville are invited to contact the Parish Office to request a visit to their loved one.